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(Note:  This excerpt contains adult content)

The Garden House

I can’t stop thinking about what happened between us. Well, it seemed she practiced what she preached. “And what’s been on your mind about it?” Léonor twirled one of Clancy’s curls around her fingers. “How good it felt, maybe?”

Thick lashes, bereft of any mascara, veiled her eyes for a moment. “It felt very good. I liked it. Even when…at the end.”

At the…ah! “When I bit you.” Right next to that darling pussy.

“Yes.” She was relieved Léonor had said it; it was clear on her pretty face. “It felt good to me and…it still feels good to me now.”

Her nipples looked like ripe berries against her dress. Hot cream was pooling deep in her body, leaking onto her private curls. Lea inhaled deeply to take in the delicious aroma.

“Sometimes…” Clancy’s voice was trembling. “It feels like I still need you to do it.” She paused and sipped more tea.

“Maybe you do.” It seemed so from the delightful smell of arousal. “I can certainly bite you again. It was a lot of fun the first time.” Lea leaned a little closer. “You were so pretty naked.” At last the girl took advantage of their closeness, half leaning toward Léonor. “You’re the only person I’ve been with,” she said. “I didn’t know I could like things the way we did them. I thought I might—” The admission surprised Léonor more than she thought. “But I didn’t know it.”

“So you’ve thought about girls sometimes.” She placed a hand on the warm thigh nearest her. “Do I appeal even without the biting?”

She was so quiet, and the vampiress liked it. Her body retained a beautiful melody of heartbeat and circulation. Breathing, pulse, heartbeat…Everything.

“I think you do,” she whispered.


Copyright © 2006 T.D.McKinney. All Rights Reserved.