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Eight Is Never Enough

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~Joyfully Reviewed, On-line Review Magazine

from Reviewer, Gene King
November, 2005

Sex Toys! F.S. Wilson is the owner of one of the largest sex toys companies in the state, and everywhere he looks in his office he sees the sex toys his company is famous for. F.S., who wants to change his life to a normal one, is hurting because he has been burned by a woman who wanted him just for sex, then went after another man. Suddenly, an irate customer on the phone turns his world inside and out.

When F. S. arrives at Miss Debbie Oak’s door, he is stunned by this gregarious young woman who has such spark and fire. She is furious because his company sent her an incorrect order of dildos for a promotion campaign she is planning for her client, Satin Pleasure. Debbie gets even hotter when she discovers this handsome man is the owner, and did not bring her correct order with him. The sensual tension explodes within minutes of their meeting each other. Then becomes an inferno of lust as their bodies clash.

Feeling off kilter after the mind blowing sex they experience, F. S. says many hurtful things to Debbie as he leaves in a rush out the door. Within a few hours F.S. tries to make amends, but Debbie rejects his apologies at every turn. Debbie has her own reasons for not accepting his apologies, as her previous marriage ended in a highly publicized divorce, resulting in her ex-husband getting alimony from her.

Meanwhile hurricane Deborah comes ashore and leaves a path of destruction in her wake. F. S. discovers some truths about himself as he rides to Debbie's rescue in the raging storm.

Eight is Never Enough by Trixie Stilleto & T. D. McKinney is a wonderful short story that had some funny moments. I found the way F.S. and Debbie worked through their problems charming. However, in the beginning I wanted to smack F.S. for being mean to Debbie. It was funny to see his turnabout happen so quickly. The characters are alive with real emotions and you feel right along with them.  The aspect of the knight in shining armor riding to the rescue of the damsel in distress was delightfully done. I recommend Eight Is Never Enough for a great addition to your library of cute romances


~Romance Junkies, On-line Review Magazine

from Reviewer, Shayla
November, 2005
Rating: 4.5 Blue Ribbons

Debbie owns her own promotion and publicity firm, her biggest client is Satin Pleasure. Debbie orders a gross of Mani Handy, better known as the “M8” for the release of Satin’s newest book. The toy shop messes up on her order, and sends her a gross of party favors instead. She is furious, and calls the company to complain; never knowing the CEO will be the one to stop by. When he does all she can think about is sex. He is unlike the CEO she imagined him to be, until he hurts and angers her. She can’t get him out of her mind but won’t take anything from him but a personal apology.

F.S. Wilson is on his way home, when he gets the call about an irate customer. He shows up at her house to try and fix things, seeing that she’s only dressed in a t-shirt, his libido goes wild. One thing leads to another, and afterwards F.S. says a few things that upset Debbie and he ends up being thrown out. F.S. can’t get Debbie out of his mind; he does everything he can to get back into her good graces, but nothing works until he decides to become her knight in shining armor.   


Trixie Stilletto and T.D. McKinney did a great job with EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH. I laughed at some of the descriptions. Both authors created a very strong heroine, who would turn down the best chocolate and an expensive bracelet just to make a point? The pages sizzled, and the budding romance between the characters is excellent.


~Just Erotic Romance Reviews, On-line Review Magazine

from Reviewer, Patrice Storie
Septemver 11, 2005

Sensuality: Very Sensual
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat Level: H (Hot)

F.S. Wilson is the CEO of the largest sex toy company in the state and he’s sick of it. He just wants to find a woman who doesn’t want to check if he’s the mold for their best selling dildos. But with the looks of a male model the chances of that are slim to none. When he decides to personally handle a customer complaint about a shipment of mini dildos he cannot believe the vision that greets him at the door. He feels like he’s been struck by lightning. At least parts of him are acting like a lightening rod, hard and energized!

Debbie Oaks needs promotional packages for her romance author client. There’s no time for a screwed up order, the press releases have to go out! But Debbie throws caution to the winds when she sees the drop dead gorgeous man from the sex toy company at her door. She isn’t into casual sex but sometimes you just have to go for it! No one believes in love at first sight anymore but F.S and Debbie have something big happening between them, and it’s not just Mani Handy M8 vibrators!

Eight is Never Enough starts off with hot sex but the romance isn’t far behind. F.S. Wilson is a harried executive who has issues. He hasn’t felt desire for a woman in a very long time, despite the fact his life seems to be full of flavored massage oil and dildos. He wants more than meaningless sex. Debbie Oaks, one of their best customers, will rock his world. She’s a feisty dynamo and a successful businesswoman, but she has given up on love. Something snaps when she literally trips over F.S. and falls for (and on) him! The result is the hysterical series of events that create a funny, endearing romance. The interactions between F.S. and Debbie are witty and the situations with secondary characters, like the delivery men, had me laughing out loud! Other characters like Debbie’s friend Satin, and F.S.’ parents keep the story interesting. The action flows quickly and a hurricane mixes a little suspense with the steamy sex. This is a short story so the resolution is a bit abrupt but plausible. The authors of Eight is Never Enough have written a bright, sexy romp that will leave you smiling!


~The Romance Studio, On-line Review Magazine

from Reviewer, Angel Brewer
August 21, 2005

Sensuality: Very Sensual
Rating: 4 Hearts

Debbie is in charge of press for erotic writer Satin, when she orders a gross of a certain sex toy to help with the new release of Satin's book, she never expects to meet the owner of the company. When her order gets screwed up the only thing she cares about is the company making it right, but when F.S. Wilson himself shows up at her front door she knows she's in for major trouble. In the blink of an eye she finds herself in bed with him, which is something she never does, what's a girl to do when a great guy walks into her life and then acts like a jerk?

F.S. Wilson is owner of a sex toy company and would rather forget that fact; he just wants a normal life and a normal woman. When a major order is screwed up for one of their biggest customers, it's up to him to make it right. When he shows up at Debbie's house, she is not what he expected to see. He is intensely attracted to her and before he knows it they are burning up the sheets. This is not his usual behavior, but he is having conflicting feelings about this woman who has rocked his world.

This is an interesting book to say the least and certainly has its comical moments. F.S. is not your average guy who would be thrilled over owning a sex toy company; he wants a serious relationship and everything it offers. Debbie is hell on wheels when her order gets messed up and gives new meaning to the phrase mad as hell. Together this couple is explosive, but has some things to work through before they can actually be a couple. The love scenes are like a firework show and just as exciting. Trixie Stilletto and T.D. McKinney has done a great job collaborating on this story, I hope they get together again to create another interesting book.


~Novel Spot, On-line Review Magazine

from Reviewer, Elizabeth
November 12, 2005

Rating: 7

Eight Is Never Enough is a collaboration between Trixie Stilletto and T. D. McKinney that flows so smoothly you cannot tell there has been more than one person involved in its creation. Whilst I have never read T. D. McKinney before, I have read Trixie Stilletto and have enjoyed her stories. The storyline grabbed my attention and kept it. This is a somewhat short erotic contemporary romance that is just the thing for those always on the go. Thoroughly enjoyable, if not totally consuming, this is one that is easy to recommend.

Debbie Oaks was once a successful businesswoman at the top of her field—until she went through a nasty divorce, during which the press turned on her and she decided to drop out of the rat race. Now she owns her own successful PR business, promoting the likes of Satin Pleasures, a very popular erotic romance writer. With a new book due to release in a week, Debbie comes up with a brilliant promotional plan that both women think will work wonders. Debbie orders a gross of eight-inch Mani dildo vibrators, planning on sending packages to the head offices of all major bookstores. Only when the package arrives, she doesn’t get the product she wanted. Instead of the desired eight inches, she gets thousands of mini party penises.

Understandably furious, she phones F.S. Wilson Toys, demanding the order be put right. When someone from the company shows up on the same day, she

assumes he is bringing the right order with him. More enraged when she finds out this isn’t the case, she is shocked speechless when she finds out the man is F.S. Wilson. Though she had been too involved in her tirade up until finding this out, her closer inspection sends the bells in her system tolling. It has been a long dry spell for her, and now confronted by a very fine specimen of manhood, she finds herself having difficulty controlling herself--and it seems he feels the same, if his reaction to her is any indication. The sex is scorching and she experiences more pleasure than ever before--followed by intense pain at his cruel words. But does he mean those words? Will Debbie ever feel the rapture again that she felt in his arms? Just what does ‘F.S.’ stand for?

F.S. Wilson hates his job with a passion. Heir to the F.S. Wilson Toy Company, he is also Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Every aspect of his life revolves around sex. Having been in a relationship with a woman who only wanted him for sex, then dumped him when she was finished with him, he is determined not to let a woman get close to him, particularly one who is focused on sex. When he meets Debbie, he is confounded by his reaction to her and cannot resist her advances. After they have the best sex of his life on her floor, he fears that she is like his ex and turns on her, spouting some very ugly and painful words that he soon comes to regret. Knowing there is more between them than just sex, he is determined to get a second chance with her. But will she listen to him? Will he find the one route via which he can regain entry into her heart? Just what did happen with the order of Mani Eight penises?

These characters are similar in so many ways: sharing the same insecurities and vulnerabilities sprouting from relationships gone bad. That their fears get in the way of their relationship is a given; that their relationship will work out is something you want to see happen. Though this story is rather short, the characters are well developed, more so than in some other tales I have read that are much longer. What is fairly surprising is that this tale spans only one week, with the main plot occurring within two days. Though one would assume this would make the romance seem rushed, it actually works out rather well. Though neither of them are believers in love at first sight, this is the only thing that is able to explain their deep feelings for one another that has developed in so short a time. This is definitely a whirlwind romance, so those of you who believe that love needs little or no time to root should be well pleased. If you are a firm believer in needing to know someone before it being possible to fall in love, then this is not necessarily for you. Eight Is Never Enough contains detailed, explicit yet sensual sex scenes, that will surely leave you hot and bothered, wishing for your own Mani Eight--or the man the item was modeled from.


~Coffee Time Romance, On-line Review Magazine

from Reviewer Wateena
October, 2005

Rating: 3 Cups

Debbie Oaks is a promotion specialist for a friend who is an author of erotic romances.  
So when an order goes wrong, and she demands to speak to the owner of the
company, F.S. Wilson.  She is not sure if she should be mad or take him straight to her

F.S. Wilson is the owner of the family business which manufactures sex toys.  He is
getting tired of the rat race and really would like to be left alone.  When a disgruntled
customer, Debbie Oaks, demands his presence, he has no idea that his life is in for a
big change.

Debbie and F.S. share a wild hot encounter that scares the devil out of F.S. so he gets
out fast.  Debbie is mad and hurt that the feelings she had for F.S. were one-sided. But
Soon Debbie is swamped with flowers and chocolates.  Did F.S. really have feelings for
her?  Or is he just trying for another roll in the hay?

This is a slapstick type of erotic romance that will have you laughing hard. The
characters are well defined, and the witty and funny dialogue will keep you turning the
pages. The sex scenes are hotter than the Sahara desert and steamier than a jungle.
For a good read, as well as a good laugh, this is the book.


~Fallen Angels Reviews, On-line Review Magazine

from Reviewer Serena
September, 2005

Rating: 4 Angels

Debbie Oaks is a hot shot publicist that has just landed a choice contract. Her brainstorm of publicity packets including an amazing sex toy is her best work ever! When the wrong toys come in the mail, she is livid! Calling and chewing out whoever she can get to isn’t working, so she demands to have a deliveryman come out and take back the mini dildos that she got.

F.S. Wilson can’t understand why people can’t just read the fine print. What part of no returns don’t they understand? If it weren’t for the fact that she was one of their best customers, F.S. would never have made a house call. Why would a woman want a gross of those mini penises anyway?

With Hurricane Debby coming closer and their hormones way out of control, do these two even have a chance?

This was a fun read. In sixty pages these two authors do a great job of setting up both an enjoyable plot and two memorable characters. The idea that a straight-laced man would be stuck as the heir apparent to a big sex toy industry is hilarious. Debby and F.S. sure steamed up the pages of this book. I don’t know if the disaster of a hurricane was needed, but it did help the story along. This was a great joint project from Trixie Stilletto and T.D. McKinney. I hope to see more collaboration between these two authors. They work together well.





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